Licence Fee – As easy as 3-2-1

For a small percentage of your total benefit spend you can host all your benefits communication in one place.

Employees 1-500
per employee / per month
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Employees 501-1000
per employee / per month
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Employees 1,001+
per employee / per month
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Subject to a minimum licence fee of £150 per monthPrices exclusive of VAT

The licence fee pricing is a tiered charge. E.g for a company with 1500 employees, you would pay an average of £2 per employee per month (500 at £3 per month, 500 at £2 per month and 500 at £1 per month).

Licence Fee Calculator

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Monthly Cost (exc VAT)

Benefit Hub® Select – Automate your employees’ selections

Our flexible benefits tool can be tailored to your business and is available for an additional monthly cost starting at £350 + VAT per month.  This may also incur an additional one-off build cost depending on the complexity of your flex scheme.

Build cost

The cost to build your bespoke Benefit Hub® is available on request. This will depend on your benefits structure, company size and any bespoke requirements.


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