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Benefit Hub® is customised to meet the unique needs of your company.

A single-site solution that will help you communicate and manage all your employee benefits from pensions to ping pong!

Each site is employer branded, providing a look and feel consistent with your company’s image.

Categorise your employees into groups to easily manage your benefit structure and ensure communication and content is relevant for all employees.

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Benefit Hub® has passed stringent security tests including penetration testing, and features SSL certificate encryption.

All communication to the site is secured using AES-256-bit bank level encryption.

All information held within the database, including passwords, is encrypted when stored.

Data is hosted securely in the UK with Rackspace, which means that your data is protected by both UK and EU data protection legislation.

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Providing an easy way to recognise colleagues for their hard work can increase job satisfaction and morale in the workplace.

Benefit Hub® can complement your existing recognition scheme or provide you with one.

Embracing this process across the organisation will increase visits to the platform and raise awareness of the additional benefits offered to them.

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Benefit Hub® has an auto E-Mail facility to contact employees automatically when certain conditions are met.

Birthdays, changes in location, service anniversaries, new starts, to name just a few. These trigger events can be chosen by the employer to ensure the communication is aligned with your business needs.

E-mails can also be sent according to employee location, grade, job type or by any category that is relevant to your business.

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Benefit Hub® contains a wellness scheme to encourage health and well-being in the workplace.

Employers can provide a budget to employees to spend on health related activities.

The platform also integrates with Fitbit, the fitness tracking wearable technology.  Employees who use Fitbit can access corporate leaderboards through Benefit Hub® and experience some friendly competition within the workplace.

Benefit Hub® can also provide your workforce with access to financial advice, potentially improving their financial wellbeing and reducing stress.  The platform is designed for your financial adviser to help you manage scheme renewal and promote their services if required.

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Total Reward Statements are available to employers and employees at the click of a button and at no extra cost.

Communicating the value of an employee benefit rather than the cost will help your employees to engage with their benefits package and so we have also designed Total Value Statements which focus on the value of a benefit instead.

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Benefit Hub® contains a Learning and Development scheme to encourage employees to take ownership of their development.

Employers can provide a budget to employees to spend on health related activities.  Putting employees in control of their development can increase their engagement with corporate objectives.

Through continued investment from the business, staff can have a much higher sense of job satisfaction, which can improve the motivation towards their work.  This reduces employee turnover and increases productivity, which directly impacts on profitability.  It can also prevent competitors from poaching the best talent by offering training incentives.

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Encourage new social networks in the workplace with our Social Noticeboard. Employees can create new topics to discuss out of hours socialising.

Stay in control with our straightforward approval process. Enable chat groups to introduce social glue in the workplace and increase traffic to your communications platform.

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If your organisation allows employees to buy and sell holidays we can record selections and communicate these to your HR team to easily adjust payroll.

Flexible, configurable settings to suit your holiday trading rules. Click here to discover more about SELECT.

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Automate your benefit selection process using SELECT, our bespoke benefit selection tool.

Encourage employee ownership of their benefits package.  Download a single report for all employee selections.

Clean, error free data will introduce significant time savings for your HR team at scheme renewal.

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Benefit Hub® has the flexibility and functionality to manage the benefit structure for companies that employ overseas.

Our language translator can translate content into approximately 100 different languages allowing you to offer a platform to all employees irrespective of location.

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Benefit Hub® is a cloud based portal configured to meet the needs of employees, payroll and compliance.

It has easily scalable functionality for rapid and cost-effective growth, and adapts to changes in the size of your workforce.

To access the portal all that is needed is internet access and a web browser with no on-site storage or server required.

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Management Information is available at the click of a button for those with access to the employer level of the platform.

Benefits cost breakdown, upcoming scheme renewals, claims in progress, location map – and more – are accessible from the employer dashboard and are updated in real time.

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Using the company news section you can keep your employees informed with company news and upcoming events. This will encourage them to use the portal and in turn increase awareness and understanding of their benefits package.

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If you would like Benefit Hub® to integrate with any other systems that you currently use we can discuss this with them to avoid duplication of work wherever possible.

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Lightbox Reward has a team with financial services, employee benefits and HR background and can provide consultancy services if you are looking to design, improve or relaunch your benefits package.


Get in touch with us to find out more.