Lightbox Reward’s next generation, fully customisable flexible benefits selection tool

“Simplifying the Complex”

Everyone is different.  Why would their benefits be the same?  Offering employees freedom to select their own benefit structure can be simple and cost effective with Select, Lightbox Reward’s fully bespoke flexible benefits selection tool.



Unlimited Choice

Add as many benefits as you like.  With Select you are only limited by your imagination.

Choose from a flex budget or salary deduction

You can assign the cost of each individual benefit to be deducted from a flex budget or salary depending on the tax situation.  This gives flexibility for you and clarity for your employees.

Set different budgets for different employee groups

If some of your employees benefit from a larger flexible budget then this can be controlled using Benefit Hub’s employee groups functionality.

Give your more valued employees greater choice

If you have some benefits that are only available to selected employees then this can also be managed by Select.  Employees will only be given access to benefits they are entitled to.



Each employee can see the cost of each benefit to them

Group risk benefits will often be age rated schemes.  Select will show employees the cost to them for increasing each benefit at the time the decision is made.

Calculations in Real Time

Select includes a calculation bar which updates with a total cost to the employee in real time.  This helps your employees to make an informed choice that is within their individual budget.



Manage the parameters

Every benefit can be programmed with maximums and minimums and when increases are allowed to ensure data validity when sending selections to providers.

Manage your selection period

You decide how long your flexible selection window is open.  Use Benefit Hub’s auto emails to communicate deadlines for making selections.

Make choices available at any time

Employees can have their selections open to them at any time.  This allows you to manage increases in cover due to life events or award choices to employees coming off probation outwith the annual selection period.


HR savings

Experience massive time savings compared to a manual process.  Customers of Select have evidenced up to 3 weeks of time saved at scheme renewal.

Custom Reporting for payroll and providers

Payroll and monthly changes reports available as standard.  Custom reports can be configured by you to output data in the format required.

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